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5g/vial, 10g/vial, 500g/vial, atelocollagen , porcine, Type I, low endotoxin, complete triple helix spiral, collagen >98%
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콜라겐은 트리플 헬릭스 구조를 형성하는 3 개의 폴리펩티드 사슬로 구성됩니다. 그것은 좋은 생체 적합성, 생분해 성 및 생체 활성이 있으므로 식품, 화장품, 의학, 조직 공학 및 기타 분야에서 널리 사용됩니다.


Collagen is a natural tissue scaffold material. In clinical application, collagen can be made into a variety of tissue engineering scaffolds, such as skin, bone, trachea and vascular scaffolds. Pure collagen scaffolds have the advantages of good biocompatibility, easy for processing, high plasticity, promoting cell adhesion and proliferation.   

Victory Biotech has been focusing on

  1.  the atelocollagen raw materials with low endotoxin and complete triple helix structure.

  2. the medical grade type I collagen raw materials and semi-finished products,

  3.  the purification technologies of collagen and the processing of advanced medical products.


Victory Biotech has developed a full range of collagen products, such as powder, sheet, sponge, plug, membrane, cream, slurry and solution, which can be applied to,

  1. Implantable medical devices:

     Hemostatic and wound dressing, chronic ulcer wound dressing, GTR membrane for oral/bone tissue regeneration, Dura mater and anti-adhesion products.

  1. Skincare products:

       Collagen essence, freeze-dried collagen crystals, which can be used to the skin moisturizing and repair.

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